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    T +39 0289054780

    via Mascheroni, 31

    via dei Mille, 5

    via Mafalda di Savoia, 1/A


    We provide the services and assistance you need in order to manage your personnel in the best way possible: from the recruitment process on through every important stage of the employment relationship.

    • Wage Slips
    • Tax and social security contributions aspects for non-resident personnel
    • Employment consultancy
    • Hiring procedure for Italian, EU and non-EU personnel
    • Assistance to foreign office workers, managers and consultants on the tax and contributions obligations in Italy
    • Contributions representation
    • Analysis and budgets of the labour cost
    • Due Diligence on labour matters
    • Contributions aspects concerning agents and representatives
    • Digital completion of the INPS, INAIL obligations and of other social security and pension bodies

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