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    We care about your goals.

    Let us find together the way and the processes best suited to achieve them.

    Tax consulting

    This is the main service we provide and we have gathered much expertise and field practice experience. We work for companies, non-commercial entities and privates: on direct and indirect taxation.

    Corporate consulting

    Corporate consulting is closely rendered with tax consulting. They are intertwining fields with common matters and issues so we address them simultaneously.

    Administrative consulting

    We provide systematic administrative and accounting consulting based on our experience. We also provide complete outsourcing solutions and assistance for companies that decentralize this task.


    We provide the services and assistance you need in order to manage your personnel in the best way possible: from the recruitment process on through every important stage of the employment relationship.

    Company crisis

    We help you pinpoint and identify causes and concrete opportunities to restore the company and find the most suitable strategies and operational tools - in the light of the legal instruments provided for under our regulations.

    M&A and extraordinary operations

    The complexity of financial markets, dynamics, and acceleration of changes in the economy, are all aspects that are affecting more and more the different operating modes and business organization

    Development and innovation

    Company support, development and innovation. These have always been, and are, our strongest suits. This is how we have managed to create our knowledge and professionalism which focus on this particular aspect of corporate consulting.

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