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    via Mascheroni, 31

    via dei Mille, 5

    via Mafalda di Savoia, 1/A


    Luigi Moranduzzo

    Alessandro Atzeni

    Cristina Gualandris

    Enza Venditto

    Davide Cantù

    Pierpaolo Pescarmona

    Stefano Chisoli

    Stefano Meani

    Domenico Ripoli

    He graduated in Business Economics and from the very beginning of his career he dealt with business administrative and tax consultancy. In this field he gained great experience especially as regards IAS/IFRS balance sheets. He is an expert in ICT and OS.

    Caterina De Luca

    She is a certified accountant and certified auditor with solid background in tax and corporate matters. In this field she also deals with litigations, due diligence and forensic accounting. She also works as a statutory auditor.

    Emanuele Basilico

    He graduated in Business Economics and deals with administrative and tax consultancy and with management control. He is experienced in business assessment and in drawing up long-term business and economic plans.

    Gian Paolo Ladisa

    He graduated in Business Economics from Bari University. He is a Certified Accountant since 2008 and Certified Auditor. He is experienced in corporate taxation and corporate administrative processes. He has worked as an appointed technical consultant for the Civil Court of Brindisi since 2009. He gained great expertise and experience in subsidized financing and funding provided by the government both to encourage start up activities and to support companies’ growth. He acts as member of the board of Statutory Auditors in the companies. He has previously coordinated  projects in sustainable energy field, acting also as consultant.

    Cristina Stefanazzi

    She is a certified accountant and certified auditor and deals with administrative, corporate and tax consultancy for companies and individuals. She is also in charge of restructuring and collective procedures.

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